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Mount of Paikon- Routes

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North of Giannitsa lies Mount Paiko, with the highest summit called Gola Tsouka (altitude 1657 m.) and its dense forests, ravines, waterfalls, meadows. The altitude, the morphology and the routes offer the view of the great plain of Giannitsa and mountain beauties in the northwest.

Paikon is an accessible mountain, easy to climb, suitable for hiking and safe mountaineering. The routes through its forest and ravines offer views of the valley and the mountains across. Starting from the Eleftherohori, the most common route leads, after 45 minutes of hiking, to the location Aloni (830 meters altitude). Here, it is the beginning of the so-called Roman Path, which after 1 hour and 45 minutes leads to the plateau Germanos. Taking the route to the west, and after a half-hour walk, one can arrive at the shelter of BAO. To conquer the peak Gola Tsouka will require another half hour of hiking. Alternatively, the hikers cloud follow the west trails from Eletherohori. After one hour and a half they will reach the location Bela Voda and further on the Mountaineering Shelter of Giannitsa, which can accommodate up to 6 people.



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