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The New Market

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After the battle of Giannitsa (19-20 October 1912) the Old (Ottoman) Market was not redesigned, but was gradually transferred to the northern districts of the city, along with the fair. The change of location led to the disconnection of the city’s financial life from Egnatia Street and the cancellation of the structural relationship with the road network.The new stores housed traditional professions, such as horse cart manufacturers, saddle makers, farriers and barrel makers, along with those of the new era, such as motor-mills. During the period September-October 1944, when the city was abandoned by its people, the retail properties were destroyed and looted by the German occupation army and their collaborators. In the postwar years, the New Market was reconnected with the vision of development of Giannitsa. On the beautified façades of the stores, one can discern traces of the Interwar and Postwar Periods. Underneath the roughcast, lie the marks of the 20th century that testify the transitions of the city through time.

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