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The Beginning of a New Life

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After the Treaty of Lausanne, refugee groups of Pontic Greeks settled at the Tsali district, coming from various regions of Pontus. The advent of refugees continued in 1939 and over the 1940s, with Pontic Greeks from the USSR, as well as Cappadocians. Initially, the barren land was covered in dry prickly bushes, hence the name “Tsali” (shrub). With the support of the Refugee Settlement Committee and the volunteer work of Pontic Greeks, Tsali was revamped. The deserted area was designed, arranged into city blocks and developed into the settlement of Nea Trapezounta (New Trebizond), hosting the memories of the past and the visions of a new life ahead. With the town square being the main structural element and meeting point of 10 vertical and diagonal streets, the modern-planned area hosts a lifestyle which is closely connected to tradition. In 2002 the Memorial to Pontic Greeks was erected at the square. The theme on the embossed base and the complex, combined with the monumentality of the composition, are the familiar and recognizable elements that refer to the origins and the Pontic identity of the Settlement.

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