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Remembrance of the Macedonian Struggle

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Part of the Macedonian Struggle (1904-1908) took place here, at the swampy lake of Giannitsa, between the Greek guerrilla fighters and the komitadji Bulgarians. Due to the victories of the Greek forces, the integrity of the Greek population of Macedonia was sustained and the threat of bulgarisation was pushed away. The Monument is dedicated to the memory of the Macedonian Struggle, which is hard to detect in the area after the drainage of the lake and the transformation of the landscape.
The Memorial, work of the sculptor Efthymis Kalevras, was erected in 1995 by “Filippos” Historical and Cultural Association in cooperation with the Municipality of Giannitsa. The sculpture, which stands on a cube-shaped base that is 1.3 m. high, narrates the Hellenic identity of Giannitsa through time. It follows the tradition of monumental art that is typical in almost every public sculpture of the city. Adopting familiar neoclassical standards and ancient symbols, such as the figure of goddess Nike and the star, it attempts through archaic means of art to depict local history and link the modern with the ancient times.

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