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The Plane Tree in Boutsava District

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In the late 19th century, Boutsava along with Kato Mahalas, Tzoumra and Varossi were the four christian neighborhoods in Giannitsa, which included 925 houses in total. The residents of Boutsava were the wealthy christians, who were living in fine residences of macedonian architecture. The district was scarcely populated and was interrupted by cultivated fields and vineyards. The main streets were cobbled and were known as “kaldermades” among local residents.
Meeting points of the district were the public fountains and the plane trees, such as the century-old plane of Boutsava. Later, it became the background of customary photograph shooting by professional photographers of the Interwar Period. The plane tree was witness of the old town and traditional life. The implementation of the new urban plan and the organisation of space into building blocks did not allow the coexistence of people with planes and fountains, which were removed from the urban space, the habits and the memory of the city.

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