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Agios Georgios Park

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It was designed during the Interwar Period and was named “Small Park”, to distinguish it from the Big Park (Filippeio). In 1937 the marble bust of King Constantine I was erected at the park, work of the sculptor Georgios Dimitriadis the Athenian, who also created the respective statue in Thessaloniki. At the base of the bust the king’s name is deliberately misspelled as XII, in order to present him as heir of the last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI Palaiologos. The sculpture and the inscription narrate the continuity of Hellenism through time and reflect The Great Idea (Megali Idea) of the Greek state during the interwar period.
The first tree planting was organized in 1938-9 with volunteer work of the citizens. On 14 September 1944, the day of the mass execution at the premises of the 1st Primary School, the women and children of the city were concentrated and held at the Small Park by the German occupation army and their collaborators. On the west side lies the modern church of Agios Georgios (1957), which was designed by the architect and professor of Byzantine Archaeology, Anastassios Orlandos (1887-1979)

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