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The Residence of Emin Bey

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The neoclassical building was constructed in the early 20th century. Until the battle of Giannitsa (1912), the ground floor housed the Ottoman administration building and the upper floor was the residence of the Gazi Evrenos’ descendant and last kaimakam (county governor), Emin Bey. The luxury of the building was astonishing and gave an urban flair to the city. It could easily be compared to the residences on Hamidiye Boulevard (Ethnikis Amynis Street) in Thessaloniki. The house yard featured auxiliary buildings, plane trees, cypresses, vines and a well. The residence was a model for the residential architecture in 20th century Giannitsa. After the battle of Giannitsa (1912) it shortly served as residence of the administrative commissioner and as military hospital that sheltered wounded soldiers of the Balkan Wars. From the 1930s until 1985, it housed the General Hospital of Giannitsa and was imprinted in the city memory as the “old hospital”, rather than the building of the Ottoman administration.

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