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The History and Folk Museum of Giannitsa

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It was founded in October 1997 by the History and Folklore Society of Giannitsa ‘’Philippos’’, which among other things, makes significant efforts to rescue and collect artifacts and archival material. The museum hosts a presentation of the development of Giannitsa region, from prehistoric to modern times. Particulary impressive is the scale model of the Swamp of Giannitsa, with its plavas (lake fishing boats) and thatched huts. That was the field of the Macedonian Struggle, which took place in the years 1904-1908. The objects and visual material in this room bear witness to the action of Gonos Giotas and other local heroes of the Macedonian Struggle. Equally interesting are the exhibits of the battle of Giannitsa (October 1912). The weapons, the relics and the Greek officers’ personal belongings, all reflect the hard and bloody battle – the most important battle of the Balkan Wars. The folk collection of the museum depicts the pre-modern period of Giannitsa (agricultural work, traditional jobs, education, private life). A visit to the museum could be combined with that to the neighbouring Military Museum. Admission is free for all visitors

Location: Giannitsa, Plastira street, Tel: 23820-83684, 6970350696, www.fileg.gr

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