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Mass Grave Memorial

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On September 14th 1944, the German occupation army and members of the Security Battalions gathered the city's women and children in Agios Georgios park and the adolescents and the men at the requisitioned 1st Elementary School. This is where the chronicle of the mass execution began. The victims were selected either from a list or at random from the crowd of men. At first, they were publicly interrogated and beaten with the executors’ rifle butts and thick stakes. The victims, swollen and deformed from the harsh beating were thrown into the pit to be executed or left to die without the coup of grace. Assaults and executions continued on the same day and the days to come, along with the burning and looting of houses, retail properties and public buildings. Giannitsa, a city of 12,964 people at the time, had been abandoned. International Red Cross representative Emile Wenger wrote on his official report: "Giannitsa is already a dead city."

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