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Domed Ottoman Building (“türbe”)

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The monument was initially identified with the tomb (türbe) of Ahmet Bey Evrenosoglu, grandson of Gazi Evrenos, and accordingly it was engraved in the collective memory of the city as “türbe” or “the türbe of Ahmet Bey”. This viewpoint has now changed, since later studies suggest that it was either a school of elementary education (mekteb) or a small neighbourhood mosque (mescid) of the second half of the 15th century. A third opinion identifies it with a school for studying the Quran (kurrâhâne), dating in the 18th century.
Building structure: It is a two-storey building with a square ground plan, covered with a low dome. It features an elaborate cloisonné system of masonry, with squared stones framed by bricks. On the sides of the building there are windows with ogival arches. The ground floor features an open arcade that served as passage, since a stone-paved road passed through there. That is why the upper floor, where there is a room with a prayer niche (mihrab), was accessed through an exterior wooden staircase.

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