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Municipality of Pella
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The Municipality

The municipality of Pella was formed at the 2011 local Government reform (Kallikratis) by the merger of five former municipalities which became municipal units. It has an area of 669.220 Km2 and a population of 63.122 (2011 census). The capital of the municipality is Giannitsa (population 29.789). Its name derives from ancient Pella, which is the birthplace of Alexander the Great (356–323BC). The Municipality of Pella is located next to one of the biggest lowlands of the country, which leads to the dependence of the area on mostly rural activities. It is actually the main feature that defines the character of the area around Giannitsa (fertile valley due to the dried lake). From a cultural point of view, Pella is rich in history and natural beauty location with many sights and areas to explore. Among the most famous of them are the Archeological Museum of Pella with its surrounding archaeological site, the Ottoman monuments and the military and folklore museums of the city in Giannitsa, the mountain Paiko, the springs of Aravissos, the river Loudias, orthodox churches and monasteries of exceptional interest. Moreover combining the cultural and rural aspect of the area our wineries are gaining gradually more and more visitors.
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